Power of Sisterhood is a multifaceted vehicle for recording the responses of surveyed women religious to the Apostolic Visitation. . . . The authors develop a lively and engaging narrative which captures insightfully individual and communal reactions, providing a rich portrait of the present status of American women religious and an invaluable historical record. I recommend this study highly.”

—Howard J. Hubbard, bishop emeritus, Diocese of Albany


“If you really want to know what is going on between the nuns and the Vatican, read Power of Sisterhood. This work is clear: the problem is not that the nuns did not “think with the church” (sentire cum ecclesia). The problem is that they did. Power of Sisterhood is a story, a reference book, a history, and most of all, an insight into what happened in every diocese, parish, and convent in the country—as well as what it has meant to be Catholic—in the last 50 years. This book is a landmark in the history of women and a gift to the church. If it will only listen.”

—Joan Chittister, OSB